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Thank you!!! :-) I have a feeling Zach will be bigger than DD was. She was 7lbs 8oz, so not tiny, but not huge either. I think he'll be at least 8lbs. DH was born at 34 weeks, and was very small but is tall now. He's a little taller than DDs biological father, I think. My abs are definitely weaker now, too, so it might be a little bit of everything! It'll be fun to see how big he is.
I am amazed that I am so much bigger now than I was at this point in my last pregnancy! 33w3d
Thank you both for your kind words.
Thanks! I hope they'll take our insurance!
Well, the doctors figured out what's wrong with my father. He has end stage liver disease. They don't know how much time he has left at this point. Apparently, he's had liver disease for 10 years, but my mother just found out last fall. It seems one of his doctors has known the severity of this for a few months, but couldn't bring herself to tell my parents. I'm at a loss. He has early onset Alzheimers, so my mother feels it's better for him to pass sooner and quicker...
AlaskanMomma: I've been extra regular this whole pregnancy! It's been wonderful! I was super constipated with DD, so I feel happy every time I poop lol. I have had one hemorrhoid that comes and goes and am using Motherlove's Rhoid balm. It's awesome stuff!   I hope you've all had a lovely Valentine's day! I feel loved. DH brought me some beautiful roses. They smell SO wonderful!!! We were hanging out this morning and he was touching my belly and found what we thought...
I've been doing INversions, not versions. Just wanted to clarify. Darn pregnancy brain! :-)
My daughter was breech until 36 weeks, when I had an external version, which turned her head down. In hindsight, I would have done other things first. Spinningbabies.com is an excellent resource. I've been doing versions every day for almost this entire pregnancy. You'd probably want to make sure it's ok for you, but it sounds like it can help! There's also chiropractic, acupuncture, and moxibustion. Positive thinking can't hurt, either.   I have to ask if your OB...
Yep! I'm feeling punches or kicks in my cervix sometimes. I feel it in my cervix/butt (like, in my anus) when he has the hiccups, too. It's a funny sensation. I think he's still head down, so maybe his hands are up by his head? I'm pretty sure his feet are in my right side.
I used the Lansinoh washable pads with DD and had no problems with them. They were absorbent enough and I was pretty darn leaky! I doubled them up sometimes in the beginning. I don't know what they were made out of. They're the only brand I've used. I don't have them any more (it was 6 years ago) but if I see them again, I plan to pick up a box or 2! I've also heard good reviews about Bamboobies and it seems they're made to not show through clothes, as well. I am...
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