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My finance wants me to see a therapist. I told him I would. I just have to find one that I can afford.....I have no insurance and well we are a single income family since I'm staying at home with the baby. Thank you all for your advice and support......it helps just reading what you said, honest. I just feel so bad all the time, Im not happy with anyone or anything. And all I can think about was how happy I was before my baby, before I knew I was pregnant. And...
Not sure really how to start something like this. I've never used a forum before. To be honest I've never been one to ask for help with anything, I either figure it out on my own or just suffer. I guess lets get to the point. I'm a first time mom to a 10 week old little girl, and I suffer from anxiety and depression. I was diagnosed with those at 18....I'm 26 now. Let me give you a slight backstory. I'm originally from North Carolina, was born and raised there. All of my...
Hello everyone. My name is Connie and I'm new here. This is actually the first time I've ever joined or used a forum. I'm a 26 first time mother to a 10 week old little girl. I stay at home with her while my fiancee works. I use to work full time, and currently I am getting enrolled in online college courses. I'm originally from NC, and us three currently live in FL. I'm here to discuss and find help/support with Post Partum Depression.
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