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So we finally got around to taking our 3-year old to a pediatric dentist who wants to do TONS of work, putting her under sedation to do it, and half of it she wants to do with metal crowns, which I am... not thrilled with.  I want to take her somewhere for a second opinion, preferably finding someone who will (at least) agree to not use any metals for the work needed.  Does anyone have a pediatric dentist they're particularly fond of?  We're in Anne Arundel County (Ft...
Calladona, are you part of the Ft Meade Natural birth group on Facebook? :)  I just had a fantastic experience at Baltimore Washington Medical Center, as have a lot of other local mamas. I was on USFHP at the time and it was covered fine. I was a HBAC transfer, though, so I'm not sure about who you would do for prenatals or how the referrals would work if you're on Prime. 
My midwives I had for my HBAC specifically encouraged going to St. Joseph's when I decided I wanted to transfer, she said it was the most receptive hospital she's worked with in the area. They've also had good experiences with doula clients at UMD.  I went to Baltimore Washington Medical Center with my transfer and had an EXCELLENT experience. 
One of my very dear friends just had an amazing homebirth with Tammi McKinley of Northern Virginia Midwifery.  http://novamidwife.org/ Tammi also went far above and beyond to help put me in touch with midwives to attend my HBAC, so I personally cannot say ENOUGH good things about her. :) 
I am looking to sell my Deuter Kid Comfort III.  It is in EEUC, as it has only been used a handful of times.  I love it, it's an AMAZING carrier, but as I am wrapping up my first trimester with our second kid, I'm finding myself less and less inclined to wear our three-year-old, and we are about to move to a smaller house so it seems silly to hang onto it for almost a year and a half before I'll be able to use it with our new child.   Here is a product...
Gena, it's not letting me message you back for some reason, but I got it and plan to call today! Thank you so much, and I'll definitely let you know how it plays out. :)
Thank you! That's a great list. :) I'm still hoping to find someone who would HBAC here... but if not the plan is to go to my Mom's. :)
I'm in Catonsville. :) I don't mind traveling a bit for prenatals, though we only have one car, so for example, going to WV for prenatals is probably too far.
Hey all.  I'm looking for info for HBAC prenatal care.  I realize names can't/shouldn't be mentioned, so I'm hoping some of you might feel comfortable PMing me info?  I'm newly pregnant, newly moved back Stateside from Italy, and had a very, very traumatic birth with my daughter almost 3 years ago, so I'm pretty sure the moment I set foot into a hospital setting to give birth I'm going to have a full-on meltdown.  If possible, I would like to find someone who will do an...
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