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SparkleMaman, sending you good thoughts. That must be really hard to go through. 
lilacvioletiris : Thank you for adding me ! I do have a link but I'm not sure if everyone can see... hope it works : http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/405d34
Hello everyone, I like the idea of this thread !   We've been TTC no. 1 for 7 cycles now (in TWW now), and it's sometimes hard not to get stressed, paranoid, overwhelmed, etc.   So on the positive side of things, my doctorate is doing good and my realtionship with DH is very good too, albeit the few arguments we have here and there. I'm lucky to be healthy, generally very happy and having a great life in the present. I know I need to enjoy the journey, let go of...
I've done that before too, both the testing early and the hallucinating 2 lines. It's so hard. Hang in there !!
Hi all, I'm with you on this journey ! This is our 7th cycle TTC.   O was November 7th for me (day 14). So far, not much to say ...   Good luck everyone !
Hello everyone ! I'm new to the forum (actually I registered a few months ago but haven't been really present). I'm happy to be here and can't wait to hear about all of you. I am 30 years old, since August (DH is 29), and we are presently in my 7th cycle of TTC. I never thought it would take us such a long time to conceive... I try to stay positive, but it's hard not to imagine the worst sometimes !     Here's my chart so far this month :     Baby dust...
Congratulations northwoods !! NewMama2BBBoy, I agree its sometimes hard to keep our minds busy with other things. My only tip is really to get busy about life, work, friends, fun ! It helps think of other things too while TTC.    Im in my 2WW, almost 9 DPO right now. 3rd month trying for our first child, and very excited by the journey :)
I have heard it is safe in moderate amounts, and even better if you wait after 1st trimester of pregnancy is over. But midwife / medical knowledge seem to disagree to some degree. I think there is vast traditional use evidence that it is safe (midwifes), but it has not been fully tested in medical labs yet (doctors).
Hello ! Im new here but wanted to say hi to all fellow TTC members !   presently in my 3rd cycle trying  ... almost 9 DPO right now :)
Hi everyone !   I am very interested by this forum, as I am learning more and more about homeschooling and unschooling philosophies. Im not yet a mother (trying to conceive our first child one right now, month number 3 is almost over ... should know in a few days if Im pregnant already or not yet :)   I have been interested in what is seen as "alternative" parenting (cosleeping, child led weaning, diaper free, etc.) since I became an aunt a few years ago. My...
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