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Okay well I had sex 4 days before ovulation and he came in me. Ovulation was around the 1st-2nd. It is now 13-14 dpo. I am going to take my pregnancy test tomorrow morning with my first morning urine. Anyways, for the past 2 weeks after ovulation, I had early symptoms on and off like headaches, sore breasts, very mood towards people, wanting to eat alot more, gas, frequent urination and stomach cramps. Like I said, they all didn't happen together at the same time, just...
My period is due August 14th and yes I am trying to get pregnant, thank you very much. 
It is now 15 days after I had sex. He came in me. I ovulated around August 1-2, which was 11-12 days ago. I have really sore breasts and constant headaches. Once in awhile I'll get on and of gas and stomach cramps. The cramps feel like sharp pains usually.Well could I be pregnant? I didn't think you could get symptoms 2 weeks after sex. Help me out guys, what do you think?
Okay so me and my boyfriend had sex July 29th. He definalty came in me he said. My period before that started the 18th and ended the 22nd. Well anyways, I ovulated on August 2nd. So between those two dates of me having sex and my ovulating day it was 4 days. Right? Well today is the 4th and for the past 2-3 days I been feeling really bad. I have bad stomach pains, feeling like im going to vomit,some gas, sore breasts, more tired than usual, have to urinate alot, very...
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