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Thank you! Things are MUCH better now. No pain unless I'm engorged (as she's playing with the idea of sleeping longer stretches, this can happen). So glad EPO worked for you; for me, cal + mag tablets made a big difference after the first week or two.    She was squirming around when she needed YET ANOTHER burping session, and popping on and off when she wasn't hungry. Quite a learning curve!
ChloesMama, I just need to find that sweet spot where I'm not overweight, but not getting sick all the time, either! So glad you found it. 
Ginny's laugh is super short, too. It's also...dare I say it...kinda dorky! I love it! It's like this little sucking-in braying sound. Bless her heart, she got her paternal grandma's laugh.    She's totally reserved with strangers. Very polite, just watches and takes it all in. Smiles are saved for family and old ladies who act like total idiots in order to amuse her, so far. Oh, and my friends' little girl, who's 9 weeks old. They smile and head bonk each other,...
Hey WAHMs - I have a conundrum. Before getting pregnant, I was a freelance admin/marketing assistant for small businesses and solopreneurs. I got my clients by doing local business networking. I quit while pregnant, and we moved across country to a large city where I don't know any business people (pretty much all of our friends are military like us).   Now that LO is starting to nap more reliably, I'd like to get back into it - but with a limited childcare budget...
Oooh, I like that!
Ginny just laughed! Like REALLY laughed, for the first time, not just her happy spit-gurgle!   And she did it while looking at a little fairy doll I have hanging on our living room window. DH has always claimed it's creepy and wants to get rid of it...it's going nowhere now!
Thank you all so much! It really helps to hear it's normal. I'm actually 5 lbs below my pregnancy start weight, but...that's kind of a long story. Cliff notes: Anorexic (mildly, I guess) for years, gained A TON once I stopped starving myself, pregnancy start weight was about 30-40 lbs above a healthy weight for me, and 50 above my highest weight at which I'm actually comfortable (more like 60 above where I want to be).    SO. Lots of baggage there. I could see my...
Thank you for the encouragement!
Any other FTMs tried clothes shopping recently? Oy. I did today and it was DEPRESSING. Between trying to find something in colors I liked, a style I liked, that was nursing-friendly, and good for the hot weather, AND affordable...nada.    I think it was because I was trying to find summer dresses/skirts. I really would rather wear shorts, but I have no idea how to find ones that fit this pooch! Ditto jeans. Anyone know where to find higher-rise jeans and shorts?? I...
Thank you!
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