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Penstamom, it seems highly, highly unlikely to me that you would have faint pink lines on two different brands if you were not pregnant.
Nine days, wow! I didn't get one until eleven with my kiddo. That is wonderful. A UTI is exactly what I'm worried about. But I have no fever... I took one of those AZO tests, but only WBC was positive, which it said was inconclusive, and I am about 99% sure I have kidney stones in my bladder, which can cause that, so... Anyone know how to know for sure? And all the other symptoms seem more like preganancy.
Do you really think that tight feeling could be pregnancy? Have you ever had it before when it was your bladder? It's the only symptom I have that I don't remember from the last pregnancy. I keep trying to tell myself, bladder, bladder, but it doesn't really seem that way.
Oh, girl, I'm taking the tests. SO ridiculous, as I'm between 6-8 DPO. I felt ovulation, but now I can't remember whether it was Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, because I had no idea I was going to need to know!!! ARGH!!!!
Pentstamon, sounds like my early tests with my daughter. Hoping for good news for you today!
Congrats to all the preggos! So exciting, such a sacred time. I was wondering if I could join all you Waiters for a few days. I am so weepy over this, and just don't know how I will wait for the test (Friday at the earliest, though of course I am taking one every morning - Dollar Tree). This baby would be a birth control failure, and I was not taking good care of myself, so when I thought I felt implantation (I felt it the same way the same DPO with my daugther)...
Here I am, too. I was horribly upset at first because I hadn't been taking good care of my health, but then I made my peace with it, started cooking like I was about to serve an army of nutritionists, and then decided it could be something wrong with my bladder and then I was sad I wasn't pregnant! WTH??!!?? So I'm just in horrible limbo today, and the symptoms just keep piling up. It does seem so unlikely, though, as we used a condom... Of course I ovulated two hours...
My mother's birthday. But of course. I guess it is no joke I need to heal that area, huh?
Well, it's 4 a.m. After my fourth time to get up and pee, I felt sure enough to get up and start worrying. Ha ha. Actually, of course, I have to make my peace with it, and I will be joyful about it once I calm down, I'm sure. Last night I went wild and ate a spinach and walnut salad, organic chicken, potatoes, and cauliflower, cabbage, a bowl of cereal with local grass-fed milk from a glass bottle, sunflower seeds, and tomato juice. So. What more can I do other than...
I seem to remember my doctor telling me that once, I'm glad you're confirming it somewhat. I'm calming down about the medication and alchohol, still pretty worried about the folic acid, just because I can't find an explanation as to WHY it's beneficial for three months beforehand, not just as a precaution.
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