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DS is 7.5 months old and so far so good. I nurse in public if needed without consideration of adults taking offense. I cover when my son allows and don't when he's not having it - but am always discreet regardless. Thus far I have never had a negative experience. 
Thanks for starting this Thread! I've contacted CNN, NBC, and some of my local news outlets in Chicago. 
Hi! I'm a new mom of a sweet little boy. He is 10.5 weeks old. I am all about attachment parenting, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering and am looking for advice and opinions on all things motherhood. I soon have to return to work (at least for a while) and am dreading it. I am praying my head off and staying open to a job change that would allow me to have an income to help support my family AND be a full time mom. I am desperately trying to accept that, right...
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