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Thanks for your response. I thought it strange. I guess, unfortunately, that makes sense.   Best,   Rebecca
Dear Lauren,   Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback. It certainly wasn't my intention to break any rules. I would be happy to pay for the advertising signature, and will do so.    Best,   Rebecca
Hi Beloved All,   I am new to mothering.com. Thanks for making such a great site available and thriving!   I am wondering why San Francisco does not have its own go to spot in this forum.   How is it that California and Nevada are lumped together?   California is the eighth largest economy in the world, with a GDP of +/- 2 trillion dollars—I'm quite sure SF is a significant part of that.   Perhaps I don't know where to look?   Please...
Hello Beloved All,   I am excited I found this site!    I look forward to really rooting in, meeting like-minded people, and the unknown. My son is closer to 5 than 4. He is my inspiration (and he snipped my phone charger today with a scissors : ) and my greatest teacher.   I'm a new author, so hopefully without sounding spammy, you will check out my book, Alphabet Living. A is for Authentic, B is for Beauty, C is for Courage. I'll leave the rest as a 'to...
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