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My first post was when I found out I was pregnant with Jet (now 7).  
<3 she is so amazing!  I'm glad you got to spend some time with her! Have fun at the zoo!
We were having this issue with Jet and my final solution was to take out a brush and the scissors and give him a choice- either cooperate with brushing or I could cut it shorter. He picked brush about 3 days in a row then scissors.  he was really happy with it short, but then wanted to grow it long again. It would probably be even easier if all you want to do is trim some length off.    With the twins I have trimmed their hair in their sleep, but I imagine 7 is a bit...
baby b could always turn one way or the other regardless of how they start out. that would not concern me much. it would concern me if my care providers were planning to attempt a breech extraction or internal version of baby b when they had no experience with it. it's a pretty difficult procedure.
our 6 year old's anxiety has been greatly helped with OT.  it would probably cost you about the same depending on insurance coverage. it would be something else to try at least. 
hey, how does the bjcmd do with older kids? our aria twin is starting to get bogged down with two kids in it.
reviewed!   http://www.mothering.com/community/products/mdc-thredup-deal/reviews/4541
i guess it's about time i figured out the review section then...lol
i wanted to rave about the thredup deal on the main page right now. where would be the best place to post that? 
i'm sure our peg perego aria twin would. i don't know if the newer ones are as compact, but ours is the older model (with the wheels on the corners) and it is very compact.
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