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I feel I forgot to give my most important piece of homesteading advice! Don't wait until you move to start. You can start canning anywhere. Buy pordoce at your farmers market and can it up. Learn some recipes. Find out what your family wiil eat. Maybe you could start a small garden, even a container garden. Or get a couple of chickens. You can learn to knit or sew. Start grocery shopping for a few weeks at a time. You don't travel to the store as often in...
I was gifted with a great many shelled organic pecans! I'm delighted and overwhelmed. What would you make/do with them. I can freeze them all for a while, but would like to preserve, cook, bake and eat as many as possible. Think big. And while yummy desserts are always welcome, main dishes would be a boon! thanks!
First, I'd say you need some type of base income, which you have. My husband had a job and was willing to commute. (well, we thought he'd get something local, but those jobs didn't work out) Then, it's a matter of making decisions. We aren't off-grid. We have electricity and a landline. But we heat with a woodstove, located in the basement, something I highly recommend. (heat rises) raise our own meat and some of our veggies, trade for meat we don't raise. I...
Suddenly today, while trying to explain to my dh why it wasn't working, it came to me! I was only increasing ONE, I wasn't going all the way back to the initial increase, so I was losing one every hill. THanks SO much for taking hte time to explain it to me. I knew I was missing something simple, but I couldn't find it or the life of me.
But that would make one hill, with, basically, two valleys, right? Or, decrease-valley, increase-hill, decrease-valley. ( so next would be another hill and another increase of two stitches?) I've been doing it and ripping it out alll week. I know I'm just not getting something simple, and I think you've got a handle on it. :/ I'm frustrated. Care to try to explain again?
I need someone with some experience to help me with this pattern. I lose a stitch every few chevrons. http://www.ehow.com/how_4684023_croc...on-stitch.html How do I add one in when needed? I'm doing the increase, but you increase ONE, decrease TWO, so clearly, there's oging to be a problem. HELP! (Please)
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy Turkey dinner. Anything else is sacrilege. The kids want wings. I'll do them too. But it IS sacrilegel Ahh. I feel the same way. Yet, I;m not doing it!
You can often get a large jar at the dollar store too.
For many years, I did my family's traditional meal-basically thanksgiving revisited. Then I complained to my sister once that I wound up harried and exhausted and spent the morning wishig the kids would hurry UP and open everything, so I could get the turkey on. She told me the most amazing thing- she just bought all the fixins for subs and let everyone make their own. No cooking, no hassles, she just hung out and played with the kids. I was enthralled!! I bought...
As long as your dd is a human child and not a calf, she never needs to eat dairy. My kids were all dairy allergic, so I avoided it. Knowing our family history, I avoided it even while pregnant. I ate lots of deep green leafy veggies, some sardines (Oh just try them! I loved them even as a little kid!), and almonds, etc. My kids had NO dairy unti they were two or three, and then just tiny bits. Each of them has had one cavity (no flouride either), one dd broke her...
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