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You might not have had a "period," but rather implantation spotting or just some uterine bleeding. The lines should be getting lighter, IMO. I don't want to get your hopes up (assuming you want to be pg) but I have with another pregnancy experienced heavy "periods" the first two months of the gestation that obviously weren't periods at all. If you have insurance try to get a sono around 9 weeks and blood tests for hcg levels.
omg, I have been doing so much of this!! I feel like one of those fat mother pigs who just eats and lies around nursing the piglets. my house is a pit due to this & I am weeks behind in laundry. I can't believe how lazy and hungry this pregnancy has already made me!! I've never gained a lot with my other pregnancy but maybe this one will be different. Even my DH who never complains when the house is messy has been "commenting." ugh!!!!
how about Eve Lucrece it shouldn't be hard to change it, as long as DH agrees, but there will always be a note on her birth certificate indicating the change (I believe-- could be wrong)
I'm also in a platonic marriage-- not my choice. DH has no libido. People think we're always banging each other because we have a lot of kids (and I'm pregnant). But the number of kids we have roughly represents the number of times we've had sex in our marriage. We've been married just about 10 years, and have (or will have) 5 kids. However, I believe my DH has serious sexual issues that he will not confront-- so he's always been like this. there was no decline in...
how am I gonna take care of FIVE KIDS?????????? I them all but oh God I am wiped out and scared.
I have found maternity clothes to either be way to HUGE or way to SKIMPY. It's so hard to find clothes that fit nicely they must use some really freaky patterns for these clothes. Sometimes the pants are way too long or way too short... it's like they can't figure it out. I've found Lands End to run on the big side and Motherhood to run on the small side... maybe try lands end. Very modest, nothing skimpy, and their "M" is like a "L" or "XL" elsewhere.
hi! The only multi vitamins I have been able to take this pregnancy without throwing up have 5000 IU of vitamin A. I can't take prenatals b/c they make me throw up. These are a regular daily vitamin plu iron, which I need because I am anemic (so I have to take something). I'm having strong food aversions so I can't depend on iron rich foods to keep my levels up. Taking a straight iron pill makes me throw up I have tried floridex but honestly it's too...
at the very least your mom should let you use the car, OR offer to take the kids herself. this really sucks sorry gwh!!!!
I hear you! I'm planning on my first medicated birth after four natural births, and ohhhh am I getting an earful. It really separates the goats from the sheep among your friends. It's amazing how pushy and demanding people will get about YOUR birth and YOUR baby! Like it's completely and utterly their business. Not!
galatea, there's not much to tell other than that it was very, very, very, very painful, worse than all my other births combined.
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