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I plan on a epidural after unmedicated births. I know lots of coping techniques, had great doulas doing massage, birth tub, had prepared with herbs, great midwives... it was still hell. Recovery does take longer w/ an epidural but I simply cannot go through that agony again, and I wouldn't want my daughters too either. That's what finally convinced me it was "ok," thinking what I would want for my daughters. No woman should feel pressured not to have pain releif. It...
LOL I'm waiting on number 5! The advice I can give is to learn to slow down, to take your physical/ psychological needs VERY seriously (don't throw DS in the snow, but find a way through thick or thin to get rest!), eliminate every non-necessary activity, cut down your social life to the few friends who truly truly count, and lower your housekeeping standards a bit.
Hi! Does anyone know if Benadryl is safe during pregnancy, particularly in the 1rst trimester? I've had one midwife say "yes," another say "no." thanks!
My midwife charged $4500. The insurance paid about $2500. Assume is will cost about $2000-$3000 out of pocket. I don't know if I want another homebirth this time around, though, but right now I'm faced with a similar decision. I'm in a HMO this time around so I'd have to pay the full price out of pocket for a homebirth. Most midwives are pretty cool about accepting payment bit by bit. It's a VERY hard decision.
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