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Well, I'm actually American, so i don't know if I count. :)  There is an organization that has started here with birthing classes and counseling trying to help women achieve natural birth here.  Unfortunately, there is a VERY high cesarean rate and not much knowledge or desire for natural birth here from what I know.  Hopefully things are beginning to change.
Hi, I'm in Istanbul, although I may give birth in Egypt.  Is anyone else in Istanbul or near Istanbul interested in natural birth?
Thanks! That's so helpful.
OK, there are definitely too many acronyms here.  I can only understand what is being asked from other people's responses.     EDD:  end of March Your Name: Rayna Age: 36 State or Country: We travel between Istanbul, Turkey and Egypt, but I'm originally from Illinois - Chicago and Chicago-area. How long it took to you to get your BFP:  I don't know what "BFP" stands for, but I became pregnant after about 3 months. What number child is this for...
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