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Thanks, things are getting better. Kids are doing great. I myself got knocked out by that virus for a whole day. Now DH is suffering from it. Children take it so much better than us adults. The foot is healing and I am looking positively forward to my next gyn appointment next week.   @prettyisa: I hope for you and DW that you will be able to at least try vaginal birth with the twins. That would be so awesome.
 We don't know what we are going to have but with both my DDs I had great skin. This time around I am all up in pimples constantly. So I was thinking that maybe this might be a boy and the break-outs were due to testosterone. LOL
Since this one is going to be a homebirth, I will have to check with my midwife if she wants me to draw up anything. Did not do birth plans before. I just instructed DH what I wanted and what not in case I would not have been able to make decisions. Did not need it though.
April sucks already. Not only do I have a ligament rupture in my right foot, no, DD1 is having Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease. DD2 is fighting it off apparently, she was running a temp. in the last two days but me still bf her is helping her. Now since yesterday I had itchy cheeks and just now started a soar throat. Wonderful! I don't want HFMD! It is hard enough for me to get around the house pretty much with the bad foot, keeping two kids busy all day long and not really being...
I knew something was bound to hit since this pregnancy has been moving along so smoothly. So yesterday I missed the last step on the stairs and sprained my ankle so badly that I could not even put any kind of pressure on my foot leave alone stand on it. DH took me to the ER after getting home from work and after waiting there a while it looked pretty nasty; super big swelling around the ankle, bruised purple and blue. Still could not stand and Doc wanted to rule out a...
That article just got me fuming. Wow, male genital mutilation is supposed to be healthier than the way nature designed it? For real!!! In my country (Germany) a circ is only done if medically absolutely necessary. I have not heard or read anything about all these poor baby boys falling ill with UTIs etc like stated in that shabby piece of propaganda. One should really look at the historic facts how circs were introduced to the US public. Thanks to Dr. Kellog:   "A remedy...
I try to do it fresh. We only have a small garden next to our house. So I think it will be potatoes, parsnip, carrots, beans, pumpkin, beets and cabbage this year. I have started to increase my herb garden plus we collect all kinds of wild herbs too for salads etc. I have elderberry, quince and amelanchier bushes which I use for juice and syrup making and marmalades. We also have an orchard with apple, pear, plum and cherry trees. So lots of  fruit. Which we either store...
Still working on getting our garden started for planting. I will def. do parsnips again this year - they will make a good harvest for winter and are perfect for baby's first food together with potatoes. I would love to do chickens or even geese. We had some geese when I was little and it was so much fun to grow up with them. There is just not enough room here at this place.
http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/24/health/ohio-mumps/   Some 97% of those in the Ohio outbreak have been vaccinated, he said. The vaccine is 80% to 90% effective, meaning 10% to 20% of people who have been vaccinated might become ill anyway.     Now CNN spouts out some numbers that I was missing in other sources. 97% vaccinated gives one a whole different perspective on the entire 'outbreak'.
Just started reading the comments on the article. Someone is comparing unvaccinated people with bioterrorists! What about those that cannot be vaccinated? Would they also have to be considered as bioterrorists?
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