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the office big love (almost - about to finish 2nd season) northern exposure joan of arcadia brothers and sisters lost desperate housewives brady bunch gilligan's island :-P
I just discovered this show!! love it. I have one more dvd to watch in the second season. Obviously, you probably all know it won't start until January? I know this is silly, but at first I liked the barb character a lot and now for some reason I just can't get past her super low hairline kinda like susan's crooked nose on desperate housewives... how can that NOT be distracting? is there something wrong with me?
oh mama, those techniques are a mess, imo. I agree that a school can't meet individual needs at every moment, but the lunch visit punishment and short recess are a disaster. The one tidbit of creativity I find interesting is the track-walking. It seems like they're attempting to get the kids moving while still giving a consequence.
for sure kenley was rude, but come ON. Daniel said, indignantly, while standing next to that awful dress, "I have impeccable taste." The rules of rudeness ended with that ego bomb.
bumping bc this is such a helpful thread for me right now... anyone else with experiences to share?
lol, my current 4yo is a huge master of fabrication - more than my others have been by far. It's funny but a wee bit disturbing how adept he is. Realizing that it's developmentally normal, we of course do not want to put pressure or punitive energy into this but I do want to respond... it's not acceptable to lie. What to say and do in the meantime? I'm not totally sure. What about in 18 months, when the expectations are a bit higher? How would one respond to a very...
oh, has anyone mentioned paragraph breaks? nothing kills a good post (or birth story) like a paragraph that just. never. ends.
one word I really hate, that IS a word but I think shouldn't be: signage Also, I love this thread. Also, could everyone please learn to use apostrophe's properly? . . . . . Kidding!
actually, I have no idea if there have been a million lunchbox threads, but this is my first time sending my no-sandwich kid to school. He's been homeschooled until this coming year, so I'd also rather not send him with a lunchbox and thermos to keep track of. Keeping up with the school bag and papers will be a huge enough challenge. So, requirements are: Can be packed in paper or disposable plastic (not my first choice but on a temporary basis, ok) Not a...
Still a very slow process with our 4.5yo too. The 2yo is definitely almost as "trained" as he is. He is trying... having him get himself cleaned up hasn't stopped it, and we've tried a gazillion methods and bribes and done nothing for a while. I just want to know when it's time to consider some kind of health issue. He is sometimes reluctant to take time out to pee, but for the most part, when he wets his pants it seems to just hit him so suddenly! He can't hold it long....
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