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My mom would refuse to even put the car in drive when I was little if seat belts weren't on( however when my sister died in an accident at the age of 13 her seat belt didn't help at all, being an EMT I've really seen that it can go both ways, a little off point here, moving on). It may be inconvenient for you but maybe you could pull over as quickly and safely as possible, pay no attention to her..personally I would use my phone to check facebook... and tell her you...
I think you're already doing better by recognizing that there was a problem and knowing that you will not duplicate what they did to you. I'm not the type who likes going to therapy so I've found that reading books help with things I have issues with... If you need help with basics the What to Expect when your Expecting has a series that covers infants and children, covers as basic as bath time to changing diapers! 
Thank you ladies! You both have made me feel as best as I can in a situation like this. I will now be making sure that they aren't left unattended together, even for a minute, for now at least! The baby's hand is looking better now(8 hours later), still missing a lot of skin but the swelling has gone down some. 
Hi!   Today I was borrowing my mothers car so my 2 year old and my 8 month old ended up in seats right next to each other, one is usually behind the drivers seat and the other behind the passenger seat. We drove to my husbands work to see him(fire dept) and I went inside to let him know we were there. When I came back out I could hear the 8 mo screaming and I could see the 2 year old pulling her arm. I ran to the 8mo side of the car and when I opened the door I saw...
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