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Before you pull your carpet... My basement has been smelling musty for sometime. After several days of searching the basement and stairway for the source, I finally realized it might be the washing machine. This morning I ran an empty load with hot water and 2 cups of vinegar. During the cycle the musty smell was worse than ever, but by the time I got home from work this afternoon the smell was entirely gone. I hope your smell is as simple a fix as mine was.
We need to take out the tile around our bath tub because there is mold in the grout. We will actually be tearing the walls all the way out to the studs because there is likely mold in the wall. At this point I am sick of tile grout and I'm wondering about replacing the walls with a solid surface. Does anyone have suggestions? What would be "green"? Thank you!
What is your favorite umbrella clothes line? Where did you get it? Thank you. I'm looking for something sturdy that will also do sheets without much folding over.
Oh I see the differences now in the baby photos you just posted. Our boy didn't look like that as a pup. The adult pictures are identical though.
He could be our pure bred yellow lab's twin brother. Great dogs!
Our old lab had seizures. They were very scary at first, but then we got used to them. The kids knew to be very quiet and still. Dh or I would sit behind him and talk in a comforting voice slowly petting his back. We would dampen a washcloth and sponge his head and the pads of his feet. We learned that the seizures often followed an exposure to flashing lights (fire works, emergency vehicles, toys and even kid shoes with lights). Sometimes it would be about 6 hours...
I think I would saturate the area with Nature's Miracle. Then let it dry completely for several days. Next I would use a leather shampoo and then leather conditioner.
My kids, 8yo and 5yo, are far from freaky. They go to a public school and have great social lives. It is usually only adults who appear puzzled when my kids don't know what they are refering to when asked about tv characters or shows.
Thanks both of you for your responces and suggestions. texaspeach, your cats are beautiful! We found a sweet kitten at the local humane society finally. I guess you could say he is a "van alike". He has black markings on his head and tail, but also has patches of black on his back. Of course, he's got the wonderful white long fluffy hair everywhere else. We are fostering him for 2 weeks to see how dh's allergies are. So far so good. I really hope we will be able to keep him.
Is it unethical to want a pure bred cat? My beloved cat died in May. He was not pure bred, but in everyway so close to a Turkish Van. He had the best personality, he was beautiful, smart, wise, great with children and dogs, and he liked to swim! Most importantly dh was not allergic to him. Shelters are full of cats that need loving homes. But dh really can't be around cats who are not mostly white with long hair. We have been looking for months, but no luck in finding...
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