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So cute!
I've liked my Babyhawk and my Beco Butterfly for the newborn stage.  :)
I'm not sure safety-wise, but as much as I wanted to do it, I found wearing twins in both the K'tan and Moby to be horribly uncomfortable.  I've just been improvising for the last couple months, and I'm SO happy that they're finally approaching a size where I can wear one on my back and one in front instead of both together.
I have quite a few Kawaiis.  They're ok.  For the price, I think they're totally worth it, but if I had the extra money to spend, it would be far from my first choice.  They're a lot bulkier than all the other pockets I have and not quite as absorbant...but they're not really that bad.  They have some really cute patterns, too.   I know when I was looking at buying some for my girls a few months back, there were reviews on their Facebook page that mentioned a certain...
I don't like prefolds either.  We mainly use Kissaluvs 0 with covers for the first several weeks in particular, then switch over to BumGenius OS pockets.  
You sound like you have some good plans!  I was planning a homebirth too until we found out we were having twins (it's illegal in my state for midwives to knowingly attend a twin birth).  You're so right -- there is something very isolating and lonely about a twin pregnancy.  I switched providers, cried a fair amount of tears, and spent most of my pregnancy fighting to try and achieve the best outcome possible.  It seemed like I was hitting one road block after the next...
Hi all, my name is Sarah.  I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and we have four wonderful children -- two boys, 8 and 2, and twin girls that are two months old.  I was a long time lurker, but life got in the way and visiting this site became pretty sporadic.  After the birth of my girls (a successful natural hospital birth with twins...a HUGE fight but I did it!), I came back to visit the "multiples" section of the board and got sucked back into all of the fun...
New Posts  All Forums: