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Hi mama   I'm sorry you're struggling.  I started with a nipple shield with my little one before we left the hospital because of tongue tie issues and nipple damage.  I'm not sure that I can offer any advice that the LC didn't but these are things that I tried: pumping for a couple minutes prior to nursing to help shape nipple and get flow going then offering bare nipple, nursing with shield for a while then quickly removing it and continuing with bare nipple, trying...
We have the K'tan.  Sly hated it the first couple of times we tried it but now he is fine.  I'm quicker and more confident with it too.  He can snuggle up and sleep or look around if he is alert.  We just flew and he slept through check-in, security, and almost the whole two+ hour flight in it!  He has to be in the right mood for the Maya wrap.  But if he is fed, dry, and sleepy it is great.  We have an Ergo that we haven't used yet.  Like other mamas have said, try, try...
My favorite thing about baby wearing is having my LO snuggled up close to me and not having to lug a stroller around.  
Lou is so cute! Happy baby moon, mama!
The world needs more superheroes!  happy baby moon, mama! 
Welcome baby Rhona!  Happy babymoon, mama!
So sweet!  Glad you are home and relaxing.  Happy Babymoon!
Thanks mamas!   Just spent an hour at pool doing handstands, had two sessions of Moxy today and have been doing everything else we could think of.   I've been visualizing and talking to baby all day about spinning, listen to mama, LO  :)   Maybe babe will turn tonight!   MW scheduled an ECV for tomorrow.   A little nervous but trying to relax.  
Hi mamas   I am sitting here with frozen veggies on my belly...   At my MW appointment today we discovered my babe, who has been head down since 30 weeks turned over sometime in the last week.  I naively thought babe would stay put!  It feels so tight that I don't know how LO had room to turn.  The weird thing is I have a foot in the rib in the same place.  It totally caught me off guard.  I am birthing at birthing center where they do not attempt vaginal breech...
Happy babymoon!   Welcome Karson! 
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