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JODIEANNEANTON:  I was just talking with my good friend with a three month old yesterday and her babe had this same challenge.  For them, what helped was that the mom cut out dairy products and all was well (or at least 90% well).  I'm sure you're getting lots and lots of suggestions, but thought I'd send it along anyway.   
My friend just sent me a fancy little app (well, website really):   http://haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com/   Enjoy!
Chocolatechip:  I had a similar midwife appointment.  I was curious, but didn't feel dilated and also wanted to experience some of the hands-on clinical side of things prior to labour (so far other than measuring, blood pressure and heart beat, it's been all talking.  My midwife gave me the same results.  I was 39+5 (today I am 40+1).   My midwife at the beginning told me to think of the pregnancy as a 41 week thing.  I wish I had not told folks the due date, because the...
Congrats beautifulnm!  and to everyone else.  There is something powerful in knowing all you lovely women have gone/are going through this too!
Yes!  My midwife says to walk often and lots, so I'm trying, but everything gets swollen and really tired - and I too get out of breath really easy.    Also - anyone else getting hot flashes, these just started today for me (other than when sleeping).     I just thought to open up the liner to the birth pool today - just to check that it's actually the right one.  WOW - off gassing!  It's in the nursery with the door closed and the window open -- it's enough to make us...
Thank you for sharing!  Congratulations.
I also lost my ID and password, but I found I could recreate one on the website pretty easily (however, I did have my access code from a 3 week claim in the summer). The process was pretty good and easy(ish), it took about an hour including a 15 minute hold time to talk to  a rep about a question.   Good luck!
I've been drinking it through my pregnancy and my midwife encourages this.  However, for me, it's a regular in my tea rotation regardless  from the pregnancy.  My impression is that there isn't a dosage concern with this - though I would ask your midwife.
My first day was Friday, but today being Monday and getting up at 6:00 as per usual, then realizing at 8 I could go back to bed was totally delightful - especially since Friday and Saturday were not good sleep nights and I am tired.   Yippee for maternity leave!
Is there someone in a position to set up the pay pal option like COCANIB suggestions - that would be stupendously easy.   I would be happy to contribute.    Sending grounded thoughts to you - Your mother sounds like my mother - it's really, really hard to stay grounded when someone else is trying to conduct your emotional well being for you. 
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