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i'm looking to frined from Portugal on Mathering. Anyone new here ;) ?                                                                                       ch131
I just want to say hello to You all :)                                                                                     try mobile tv platinum
Hi, my name is Mary and i've been searching for solution to my big weight problem.   [Admin note: post edited to remove promotional content and links]
Hi there                                                                                                                                                                    this is my profile
Hi to all forum moms :) My name is Mary and I live in Spain but came here from Portugal. Hope to get some great informations here, beacuse i'm mother since july 7 :) but i think i have depression or something with hormones :( i do not know what is happening with me.  I'm single mother and have nobody to help me here in spain, unfortunatly. Anyway, it's nice to meet You all.   .:):):):)
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