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At 12 months my son didn't eat much less than what he does now and he's 2.5 years old, but it did range more.  He sometimes had just a few bites, then at times, when he was going through a growth spurt, he would eat 2 plates worth, more than I ate.  He also nursed a lot and his stools were never solid, I think he has a fast metabolism like his dad.  He still doesn't eat a whole sandwich, but I always put a few different things on his plate, so he can eat what he wants and...
We used to do loads of finger painting, glitter sometimes too, tried papier mache occasionally, skittles, building with lego and blocks together, lots of dancing and singing, a bit of silly role playing, making music out of instruments and random things.  If it snows, you could let her play with it, make pictures out of dead leaves and twigs, possibly biscuit decorating.  
Hi.  I made a post myself not long ago about my own 2 year old's obsession, although he only has 1 obsession, but it has now lasted 9 months.  From what I've read, it is common with gifted children, although it can relate to other things like you have mentioned, but there must be other signs.  Sorry I can't be more help, as my son is also so young.
Thanks!  It did cross my mind that something may come out of it, but I was mostly thinking that he's 2 years old and will most likely grow out of it.  It doesn't look like it's going to end any time soon though.  It doesn't usually get in the way of things, sometimes does, but that's not a big problem (he is becoming a little strong willed recently though, so it might be due to that).  I do see some of those subjects already as well; chemicals that some space objects are...
 That gives me a good idea, thank you.  I'm glad your kids could find something so young that inspires them too.
Hi, I'm just curious really.  Other than the usual numbers, letters and book obsessions, how long did your child's first big obsession last?  At 20 months old my son saw a book on space and had a strong interest in space from that point.  It seems to have become quite an obsession.  Is this common at all?  It's coming up to 9 months now and I'm just curious as to how long this is likely to last?  Thank you.
The things I can remember putting in were a large bouncy ball, bubbles and small instruments, crayons, finger paints, stickers.  You could maybe try a penny whistle, maybe a toy or old mobile phone if your child always likes to take yours like mine does.  This year my son is 2 and I've put this thing called a giggle ball in which would suitable and a kazoo.  
The only times my son (now 2yo) has seemed to be reading quietly on his own was when he started reading sentences, but only those he was sure of every word to.  He would go through a couple of days asking for the same book over and over again to be read, then spend a day studying it quietly by himself.  The day after that he would read it aloud word for word.  He hadn't just memorised the stories, as he would be able to read those words wherever he saw them thereafter....
That is pretty awesome.     I'm not even going to attempt it.
My 2yo loves nuts too.  He's been eating any type of nut since he got some molars, before then we stuck to dried fruits.  I think it will be good for his jaw development anyway.
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