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Can I get some feedback? I attended Jaden's IEP meeting yesterday. Here is my situation. Jaden has sensory issues, he's never been diagnosed as actually having a classifiable disorder. He has been receiving special services PT OT and speech (which he resumed about 10 days ago) he used to have an aide, but was in a normal classroom setting. For the beginning of this school year he did well. They are in the first year of implementing core curriculum at our elementary school...
Thank you so much for the life line. Yes, Jaden has red lined with school big time. Deschooling for a few days sounds like a wise move, otherwise i am just backing him into the same desperate corner.I tell people we are homeschooling and instantly the expectation is that I have entered a race, and deserve a trail by fire. I have been so mad that I can't get the support I need from people. That no one has faith in me. But it is me that hasn't had faith today. I have not...
This thread helped me sort out some unexamined beliefs, it was really helpful. I am brand new to this. My son has chosen homeschooling. He is six,and has sensory issues that have made public school frightening for him. I am doing my best to create a path for us. I was looking at online curriculum this week. This is the most important thing I have ever done, and I feel like a fish trying to fly. But thanks for the insight.
How does he feel about being dependent on me to take care for virtually everything of real value in his life? It is my job to love and to nurture,to listen and to validate. To lead by example. He is the one essentially throwing himself on the mercy of another.  Personally I feel like God is radiating everything I need, not my husband's paycheck.
I stopped mapping on the quarter moon. I knew I WASN'T FINISHED. Now I am done. It took my subconscious until yesterday night to prompt me with the missing link. A big space in my bagua mysteriously left just empty enough to place it, too. I love this process!  
My son started kindergarten this year with no preschool experience. He received speech at home at the age of two, but was quite uncooperative when it came to "table work". He turned 5 a month after starting kindergarten. He was the only child in the room that didn't know how to write his numbers and letters. We really agonized about preschool but in the end he was better supported in kindergarten (he needs speech & OT). He has thrived and is closing the gap on his day...
Dd is 10 months a not happy with the diaper change position. I came across this on pinterest http://pinterest.com/pin/384987468116317619/ today. I think we will line with an insert. Any one doing this?  
We are hurting together. Our Susquehanna is suffering,too. Our kids are old enough to start learning about spiritual activism. We are not religious, but it's a good fit for us. They are great at it. I am very willing to rally and speak out as a family. But on the quantum level, a call for right action fee ls really empowering. We are going to change the fossil fuel paradigm. Truth defends itself, it's happening.
New Posts  All Forums: