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I live about 30 minutes south of Albany.  I need to get one for this upcoming school year and I'm worried about how it will go.  The idea of possibly going through a "sincerity test" feels like a massive personal violation and freaks me out a little.
I did have an oversupply in the beginning and had to block feed to get it under control.  I think the oversupply is a result of having the intolerance though.  Her stomach would hurt so she would want to comfort nurse.  Then of course her stomach would hurt again and she would want to nurse more.  She was constantly nursing for the first few months.  This is my fourth baby and she nursed a lot more then the other three did at the same age.  Nursing that often made me...
You may have already figured out this issue by now but I wanted to post just in case you are still having issues.  (You even got me to sign up for an account just so I could reply lol.)  Milk and soy are not the only protein intolerance that a baby can have.  My youngest daughter had a very similar issue.  When I cut all dairy and soy out of my diet and she was still having blood in her stool the pedi tried very hard to push me to switch to formula.  I decided to do an...
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