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Two days ago I had a painless labor. Nothing hurt until he crowned. In fact I was 6 cm at my midwife appointment and had no idea. I was actualy bored during labor. My contractions were completley ignorable until my water broke at 8 cm. He wa s born posterior and 10 pounds 7 ozs.
http://pic16.picturetrail.com/VOL662...7/76901114.jpg He was 10 pounds 7 ozs. He is about 12 hours old here.
Was born 4:23am He weighed in at 10 pounds 7 ounces and 21.5 inches long. He ended up being born posterior on the birth stool. The labor was a breeze until my water broke at 8 cm but the delivery was pretty rough. I am pretty torn up and had some bleeding issue that the midwifes really took care of quickly.
SO I just got back from the midwife and I am 6 cm dialated and 100% effaced. The baby is at a +1 cm. I haven't had any "real" contractions. So...... we are setting things up and getting ready. I am crampy and have a history of fast deliveries.
More babies keep coming....AND THEY AREN"T MINE! I have an appointment this afternoon and if my cervix is reachable she will strip my membranes. Everyone in my house is cranky and sniffly and I feel bad becuase I know my sttitude is playing a huge part. Has anyone noticed that they suddenly have to struggle to pick up their toddler? She feels like she has gained 10 pounds but DH assures meit is just me.
Congratulations! Your story gave me hope that my baby will eventually come out.
Well I made bannana bread.....aren't you supposed to bake something when you think labor may be starting? LOL! NIki, my kids have a cold right now too. Alaina has pretty bad asthma so I am just praying it peters out. I too am having loose bowels (the things we talk about). NO need for an enema here! What does castol oil do to you if you are pretty cleaned out? Still contracting, but no pain. I may take a walk but it is actually cold here today! Edited to...
It is this compleltey unconcievable idea that i will ever "Go" into labor. I think the previous inductions and all the prodromal/fasle labor have dtroyed my confidence. I mowed our yard yestrerday in an attempt to encourage things along. I have been contracting all night and still this morning but they are pain-free so I don't know what to think. I am just starting to time them know. You would think after having two babies I would know what to expect.... But with...
Check out www.spinningbabies.com I have a low anterior placenta and this baby had been posterior for a long time. Now with a week till my due date he is LOA. I guess he is curled around his placenta. I don't know how becuase he is a big baby (for me) and there can't be much room.
What a great story about listening to your body! How big was the baby? Congratulations and hope recovery is going well...
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