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Hello, First of all, I should mention that English is not our kids' native language. We are Romanians and we live in Romania but we try talking in English to our kids. I would like to find a curriculum that can help my 6 years old to read and write in English but there are so many and I have no idea which are the best and also accredited. We need a mixed curriculum as my DD is advanced in science and good at Maths but of course, she needs a begginer level for...
    Congrats to you too :) July 6 is my birthday, July 15 is my DD birthday so we're really anxious to see when the second baby girl (I found out the gender last week, at 13 w) will choose to come in July.    Have you found the gender yet?
    Yes, I thought about it too but I like it better with the "e"-Romanian spelling (like hey) rather than the "a" The only problem is that there's a chocolate brand named Heidi (which I really love anyway) and that's the only thing I would find "strange" about the name. but I really love it!     Thank you for the sites, could you tell us your kids name or you'd rather keep them private?
I wish I had your cravings! With DD #1 I didn't crave for anything and now, completely opposite to my general lifestyle, I only crave for unhealthy fast food and actually a lot of things of animal origin which made me sick before getting pregnant! And this is so frustrating because veggies and fruits make my stomach feel bad while an awful KFC menu makes my stomach soooo happy! I can't understand this and I don't recognize myself!
  I think it's even harder to have two names ready but of course, it's your choice and I hope you find a second unique and lovely name for your second baby.    I like Jasmine too but now I prefer Heidi better, maybe Jasmine is not so appropriate to use with our surname, well I keep thinking about it :)
    Thanks for the suggestions. Well, I admit I'm picky about names and I can give you reasons for each of them, as to why I wouldn't choose them lol Catalina -too long (we have two surnames, mine and Dh's and we want to keep the first names short), plus, it's spelled with specific Romanian "Cătălina" so people wouldn't know how to read it Alina -too common Adelina, Elena, Diana, Roxana, Veronica, Nicoleta, Evelina -I just don't like them. I prefer a two syllables name...
  Then let us know when you find out :) Do you have any preference?
    Make sure you too like the boy's name he's choosing, I know a mother who ended up calling her son by a totally different name because she didn't like the name the husband chose :D   I'm pretty fixed on Heidi at the moment, will see what other names come in our way until she's born. Maya sounds nice but I know someone not so nice and I can't choose a name if I know a person I don't like with that name, lol.    My name has never been mispronounced actually but I never...
    I love most of the names you mentioned but one of them really got in my heart and I have totally forgotten about it .... Heidi, that was one of my favorite stories when I was in school and I think I might steal this one! Thank you
I can tell you how things are in my country so you can have a different perspective, if you're interested.    The minimum base salary Romania is around $230/month  Only the women who have been working for 12 months prior to the birth are entitled to receive money and stay at home and they can choose between:   1. SAH for 1 year receiving 85% calculated from their average basic salary during those 12 months, which cannot be less than $180/month or more...
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