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My daughter is due for her 6 month check up & vaccinations pretty soon, however she has only had 2 vaccinations so far: her Hepatitis B shot at birth, and a DTaP shot at 4 months. She is very behind on her vaccinations, mainly due to fear after I read about how unnecessary the Hepatitis B shot was for her. I'm having a bit of a battle with myself now, as I do want her to be vaccinated for her protection, but I fear too many vaccinations at one time. I do not want her to...
Thank you so much, for putting my mind at ease.
Hello,   While I was breastfeeding my 4 month old the other day, I noticed her head was sopping wet with sweat, yet her body was cold. Is this a cold sweat? I have never experienced this before. Usually when she's sweaty, her body is hot. She was wearing only a diaper, it's about 96 degrees around here. I've noticed it happening a few other times during breastfeeding since then. Other than her strange sweat, she still seems completely normal. Energetic, happy, and...
Hello,   I have not used sunscreen yet on my 4 month old. I am allergic to sunscreen, even "natural" and "organic" ones, so I fear my child will have the same allergic reaction. I read that because the active ingredient in diaper rash cream is Zinc, it is just as good, if not better than actual sunscreen. I'm wondering if any other mommas have tried this as a sunscreen alternative? I read another article about how a study showed that Zinc Oxide *may* cause the...
I'd like to make the switch to 'no poo', however I've been bleaching/dying my hair red since I was 16. My hair is typically dry, and my scalp is oily. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Should I go 'no poo' or does my hair need a little more love?
I'm new here! I was using BabyGaga.com before this, but I think I'll like this forum much, much more.
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