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Omg that is terrible that it has to get to that point before something is done. She has gotten into fights with him and he's taken off in the middle of the night and she has t looked for him! And he threatened her with a gun because she wouldn't quit drinking. The poor kid is trying to raise his mother and doesn't know how to handle it. I'm really afraid he's going to do something drastic one day.
The Dcfs here wouldn't do anything at all!! They said they couldn't remove him unless he had broken bones!
I have considered counseling but at this point we have no set times that we get him and unfortunately where we live the nearest place is an hour away. And we don't have insurance that would cover it
How did u manage to get custody. That is our goal but it seems almost impossible to prove a mother unfit
First of all I feel ver guilty for even having to get on here, almost ashamed, as if I don't like my future step son, the problem is I dont want it to get to that point.  I am 32, I have 4 daughters (13,10, 7, 2)  which I have full custody of, my bf is 30, a wonderful man, with a 10 year old son who has adhd.  He has only visitation rights 4 days a month, but we still have him 2-3 nights every week.  He has been divorced for almost a year, but went back to his ex after...
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