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She is 13lbs 14 1/2ozs now and 24 1/2inche now (we had a pediactric appointment today lol.)
Okay, what's the point of the drops for babies? I have never heard of it before, so I'm curious! I feed Harlow on formula, and man does she eat! Like, 4ozs every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The only time she goes longer is at night, when she goes every 3 to 4 hours. Is that normal? She acts like she not full enough. When did you all start your babies on cerel? Well, I got a letter in the mail saying my medical card ran out. That means I have to now go to the health department for...
Congrats Ironmam! I got lucky and fit in clothes I haven't been able to wear for over a year. I was a 19/20 before pregnancy, and now 17/18. I've lost a total of 16lbs. I still would like to loose more. I got the call from my OB about my IUD FINALLY! I go the 19th and get it. Harlow is 9 weeks old as of yesterday
I would love to get a carrier so I could wear Harlow. I didn't do that with DD1. What would you all recommend?
Poor baby! I can't imagine having to deal with that situation. Stay strong momm a! I got the call about m IUD, just waiting on my insurance to approve it. If it doesn't, I'll have to go to the health department and get it there. Hopefully I can get it this coming week! My wrist now hurt so bad they feel like they are on fire and like someone is breaking them with a sledgehammer. I can barelyy pick up a blanket let alone the baby
When my oldest (6, will be 7 in July) started kindergarten, is when I switched her to her own bed. I felt like she was old enough to be on her own. She occasionally still sleeps with me. I don't really let her do it anymore as I have a 7 week old. We have a trindle bed, so there is not enough space for 3. She is mostly okay with that as she is still in the same room.
Your welcome tiff4ny. It definitly a life saver!I only use the lightning and rain. The wave sounds and bird sounds get on my nerves! BaileyB, hope your feeling better. Hosw did little ones surgery go? Stay strong momma! Lindsay, did your Dr reccomend a pain medication before hand? I am getting the Mirena IUD as well. My DR reccomended taking some ibuprofen beforehand, to help with the cramping. Hopfully I get the call next week to get it (they had to order it...
Congrats to your hubby IronMam! That is amazing! Anybody seen the movie RENT? I am obssessed with it. Wish I could have seen the musical. I'm watching it now. I'm not worrying about libido. Sex isn't even a blimp on my radar, being single and all I am waiting on a call from my ob/gyn for my Mirena IUD. They have to order it in, and that'll take about a week and a half. I have this app called "Lightning Bug" on my phone. It does WONDERS to calm her down. I use it everyday.
Harlow has it as well. Its not really bad, but bad enough. Hers gets irritated easily when she gets hot.
Praying your baby BaileyB! I hope that everything is ok! Harlow has the dreded baby acne bleh!
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