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Oh wow! Funny to see this pop up again three years later. So, an update! I put my kids in school last year (2010-2011). I had an infant and preschooler at home, and my kindergartener, 3rd grader, and 6th grader in school full time. It was a very very helpful break. The structure really helped our family. It turned out, I did have vit D deficiency, and SAD, and the chronic pain was fibromyalgia syndrome. We also discovered that my 4th child (who was then the infant...
I woke up this morning thinking "Today is the day."  Had some nice contractions, and thought how odd it would be to labor during the day.  Nothing much happening for me except coughing and cranky kids though.  It can't be too much longer.
I know its wrong of me, but I am so reassured to hear that I am not alone in this.  Pants wetting and vomitting from the coughing, OMG, its awful.  I've been sick 2 weeks now, and starting to get better.  Not sure how long that will take though...  I have asthma and when I get stuff in my lungs, its hard to recover.  I had a midwife appointment yesterday, and told her that if it had been on Monday, I would have had to cancel because I was too exhausted to safely drive. 
I'm 41 weeks, and beginning to despair that I will ever go into labor.  My midwife offered to strip my membranes yesterday, and I declined.  What was I thinking?!  I've had the most horrible cough/ cold for the past two weeks, its almost gone, but lingering in my lungs.  I'm so afraid that its going to turn into something even nastier.  I just want to meet my baby.  :-(  This is the longest I've ever been pregnant, and it just feels so hard.  I feel extremely emotional,...
It's not quite midnight here, but YEAH!  I've got a bit more than a week, maybe two, but probably not more than that.  I am SO READY TO BE DONE! 
I haven't had this experience as a mother, but the book Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple had a great chapter about jaundice and the cut offs between normal/ not normal, studies on treatment, and how various breastfeeding factors are associated with incidence and severity.  It also addresses the role of formula, and when and how to use it if it is needed.  Since its an expensive book, and fairly new, you might want to see if a local LLL Leader or IBCLC has a copy that...
Ladies, I just have to comment...  We're halfway through November!  I am SO excited to be meeting my little one soon!  I can hardly stand it. 
LOL!  My dd went probably two years where all she would ever wear were "Princess" dresses.  I had mothers looking at me in horror because my 3yo was dressed in lace and covered in sand and mud.  But she was so happy and I felt we got every penny's worth out of those dresses. 
I'm currently using Dr. Brandy Ross as my midwife.  (She is a naturopathic midwife.)  I'm very pleased so far.  I also really liked Suzanne Thomson, and have heard lots of good things about her.  I encourage you to check the Finding Your Tribe Forum for more recommendations. 
I typically go up a cup size or two between 34 weeks and 1 week postpartum. I tend to wait to get a bra if I can and mostly go without. That said, I recently picked up a Bravado nursing tank, and am really pleased with it. I think it will still fit after my milk comes in, and it will keep my tummy warm in the cool winter air.
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