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I was 35 when my youngest was born and just posted a thread about hubby wanting another baby and I am 40 now!! Good luck concieving and enjoy your pregnancy!
Hi everyone. I am 40 years old and my hubby is gonna be 45 in a month. We have 4 boys ages 11 on down to almost 5yo. Hubby had a vasectomy after 4th baby. But, has been angry at me about it. He wanted another, but I was 35 when our last one was born. That was the age I gave myself. Well, since then he has been talking and talking about another baby. So I finally said ok. let's try. But he would have to find a doc to reverse his vasectomy. I guess my question is what is...
My sister just told me (which I have seen coming) that she and her hubby are getting a divorce. She has been with bil since they were 16 and have 2 kids. And I want to be there for her, but I live across the country from her. I would appreciate any advice on what I can do to 'be there' for her when I am miles and miles away. I'm worried about her. She says that she is ok. But, I don't think that it really has hit her yet. TIA!!
We like starfall too. And also Leap Frog videos. Those help as well.  
So love it!!!! I love watching the freedom of learning and see what comes out of it!!! My now 8yo son when he was 5 he was into how other animals mated. One day he came up to me and said something like (I can't remember specifically now) 'mom, I have seen how dinosaurs mate, lions mate and sharks mate...but I have never seen how humans mate. Would I be able to see how you and Daddy mate?' I was floored!!! How does one respond to that?! :D  
Thank you for your response. We have been battling night times for as long as I can remember. My oldest is 10 and youngest is 4. My oldest has just decided that he wants to go to bed before midnight because he wants to start waking up earlier. Now the shift of arguing is with my middle 2 boys ages 8 and 6. We have had an agreement since I needed some quiet time with hubby that they could stay in their rooms quietly (because littlest brother would be asleep) and we...
Hi I am an old member and I can't remember my info. So I logged on through facebook. I was wondering if there was a way to connect the two accounts into one. I don't want to lose the history of my old account but I now know the info of my new. I hope that makes sense. :D
I have learned with my 10yo son to let it ride. When my son was 8 he started playing WoW with my hubby. He was obsessed to say the least. I bit my tongue. It was amazing what he was learning from playing. He learned how to read fast and comprehend, how to budget his money, how to take lead with a group of people and organize and much much more. There is so much learning going on with gaming. Minecraft is just the same. My 10yo and my 6yo LOVE it!! Especially my 6yo. He...
It's so nice to see this section. I will be frequenting this board now that we are out of our baby phase and onto growing up. It's such a bitter sweet time. Yet we feel our family is complete.
It's been probably over a year that I've been on here and I forgot my user name and pass word. So this is the new me!! My name is Kathy and I am a mom to four boys ages 10 down to 4. We are eclectically unschooling and have been since my oldest was a baby. It's good to be back with moms with kids. Now that the boys are getting older I have been wanting to get some advice and ask questions with moms of older kids and other unschooling families. Anyway, it's good to be...
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