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I love baby wearing because it keeps my little one close to me all the time, she sleeps really well when she's in the wrap, I get to kiss her soft head and have hands free to go about my business! I love that my daughter gets to experience the world as i do when she's awake and that she can be comforted by my heartbeat when she puts her head on my chest. An added bonus: it saves me having to lug around an impossibly heavy car seat!
My little Junebug, already almost two weeks old.
Wowza! I definitely won't take it as a sure thing then.
I'm starting feel birthy - also had a little gush and some cramping but mostly I can feel babe low down and pushing on my cervix. I hope it's sometime before next Wednesday because my favourite midwife is on call til then. Unfortunately I'm pooped today and all the furious nesting of the week has faded and there is so much laundry to do. I even *gasp* left a couple of pots in the sink to wash at some unspecified future time... No sign of a mucus plug though, but as I...
My strangest nesting urge so far has been to clean my washing machine with a toothbrush. We have hard water from a badly positioned well and my honey is a horticulturalist so when I prepped my brand new white prefolds, the came out beige and with funny stains. So, in a very uncharacteristic fashion, I tackled the machine with a toothbrush! It didn't do anything unfortunately because my machine still handles more than it's fair share of dirt and the well isn't changin',...
Me too!
I've got a couple of mommy friends but not many and I'd be into making more! It was tough for a while keeping up with my victoria friends because we were only ever spending 6 hours at a time in town but as my pregnancy progressed, we started doing overnighters and spending more time there. I gotta say I appreciate the combo of town and country. I love Beacon Hill Park and after the babes arrive, a meetup would be great!
I have yet to pop into Mothering Touch - definitely want to check it out though. We'll be house-sitting for the in laws in the beginning of April for a couple of weeks so I can pretend to be an urban mama for a bit have you guys ever gone to Quimper Park? I was nannying this summer in town and it's an awesome park we found right between Oak Bay and James Bay. I'm due the 2nd so basically anytime in the next month is go time as far as I'm concerned!
Thanks for the info about mom putting her hand down during crowning Buko, I think it's worth a lot. (I'm having a little trouble figuring out quoting posts on my phone, sorry if this is many posts later!!) I'll talk to my midwives about it at our next appointment. Tearing terrifies me and I've tried some perineal massage and I dunno, it doesn't do it for me.
Ugh! What is up with people?I didn't get any rudeness like that running errands yesterday but I did spend the day repeating to every cashier/store manager/random passerby 'oh, yeah, coming soon, nope, we don't know of it's a boy or a girl!' and my fave of the day, 'why yes, we did have the routine scan!' I'm continually amazed at how a belly makes people feel like there are no boundaries.My other vent isn't about pregnancy per se, but I got grumped on by my mother in law...
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