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Did anyone else turn into a charting mad women while TTC? This is the start of our first cycle trying after a chemical pregnancy. Last time it was a natural thing and I didn't chart at all, but now I want to do is know what my body is doing. I have 3 apps on my phone 1 for ovulation tracking, one is a full calendar that you even chart sexy time, and one is a getting pregnant easier app. I'll start checking my cervical mucus soon and also charting my temp. Did anyone else...
I haven't read it, but will for sure go out and get it. I've been stocking up on books and articles lately. Just finished a LONGGG and painful (10 day) period, so now time for a little waiting, then trying again. :) Thanks for all the support and advice ladies.
Thank you for the good vibes aHikaru, and the same to you!! Little update though. Started what I think will be my period. So as soon as it's over I'm stocking up on ovulation tests and trying again. Fingers crossed!! Thank all you ladies for your support.
Thanks for the good baby vibes Simonsez2u. :) Praying that I have that kind of luck. :)
Thanks for the link Jenny, explained a lot. Loved the first line "A chemical pregnancy is like a cruel joke," lord is that true!!! Just enough time for everyone to get excitied and about ready to tell people then, poof...no baby. Just scared that was our 1 shot (hubby doesn't have strong swimmies) and we won't get another for some time. I'm still waiting on my period then i'll track my new ovulation cycle from there. That's what makes this even weirder, is that I still...
Remove me from the roster. Confirmed chemical pregnancy this morning. Better luck next cycle.
Gotta move back to this forum after a confirmed chemical pregnancy this morning. :( Hubby and I have been activily TTC for 2 cycles, had 2 positive HPT this cycle then a chemical. Has anyone else dealt with a chemical? What exactly is it? Is it something I did? I got the positive HPT just shy of 4 weeks, should I have not waited till 5 weeks to go to the doctor? Will this happen again now that it's happened once? Does it have anything to do with my hubby's swimmies? I'm...
Thanks! The baby carriage is the answer, and after everyone freaks and goes to guessing I'll post a pic of a baby carriage. :)
As soon as my parents get there announcments in the mail. We decided to send a letter from baby. :) Then we'll announce on FB with the below picture. We've changed our minds so much on how to announce figured I'd post an update. Lol.
I couldn't imagine not even having the option for an epidural. I'm planning on going natural as long as I can, or even trying water birth. But I want the option to stay open for pain control the whole way. Lol.
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