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With DD we would get out and do fun things. And then baby came and now its once a week if that. Sometimes its too much to just go in the back yard a nd play. I hate to see her get so bored when im busy with baby. I try to find fun indoor activities for us. But a lot of times i cant babywear too. I feel bad when baby sits in his bouncer by himself staring into space while I play with DD. It is a balancing act for sure!
I have had severe ppd this time. I have been reading but not replying lately. I am getting proffessional help. Not doing meds just yet. But the ppd has been very bad From week three. Somedays just sitting and sobbing and barely functioning. Feeling like Ive wronged my two yo. Feel like we are not as Close anymore and I feel like im not there for my new baby enough. It was such a smooth and easy preg and birth but the postpartum time has been so rough. Having a hard time...
7 weeks pp here. Feeling well physically. Emotional rollar coaster and ppd. I had the blues with my first but its more intense this time. Very weepy and anxious and overwhelmed everyday. Im doing all I can to work through it and just enjoy my squish as much as possible. Its been harder to bond with this baby. Breastfeeding and babywearing have been much more difficult and so has co cosleeping. I hope this gets better soon.
4 weeks pp here! I'm so in love with my adorable little boy, but, sheesh the baby blues got a strong grip on me. Ive been so weepy and have had no appetite. I have to force myself to eat. And he just does not sleep at night. We cosleep. Or try to. He will get very fussy/wiggly at 2am and i spend 2am to when my 2yo DD wakes up burping, nursing, changing etc...trying to get him back to sleep and he just won't i. Am. Exhausted. And frazzled. How do you get a cosleeping baby...
omg. why are my pics so huge?
i had that super heavy, swollen vagina feeling around day 13 and had more bleeding and clots that day too. nothing too bad but it was really uncomfortable. he sleeps great at night snuggled up next to my boob. the only times he wakes me are when he needs help relatching. found out today he has a tongue tie but its not bad enough that he cant nurse or get enough milk. he just needs some extra help latching for now. he is upto 8 lbs now so i know he is getting plenty of...
Day 11 for us. All of the sudden feeling pressure down below. ??? I have had no pain til now. Organs shifting back maybe?
Ack! OMG!!!! I LOVE THE KNITTED LONGIES!!!! I wish i was better at knitting...hmmm, i think its time to pick up my needles again!!!
Day 9 for us here.  PP bleeding was almost gone completely yesturday but this morning I got up and a HUGE clot fell out and then a gush of blood.  Then kinda on and off all day. But it startled me this morning. I thought I was done, but then that happened! Grrrrrr....  
did these at 41 weeks preggy...and now they are on my brand new little boy: Pink hat and booties for my SIL due in late Dec:
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