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Love his name! Our last little one is named Bodhi. Congrats & enjoy all the newborn snuggles.
Congrats momma! Rest up & enjoy your sweet babe wishing you a speedy recovery.
Congrats mama! Hoping you all are together now snuggling & bonding Enjoy!
Congrats & best wishes to a speedy & healthy recovery! Enjoy your little squish & all those precious snuggles
When my daughter was little she got bite by a dog. Between the Homeopathic Ledum (specifically for puncture wounds) & careful cleaning with essential oils she was just fine & healed great. I have used the same care with other puncture wounds that my kids have had with the same great results.
Thanks Kelly Beth! I hope you were able to get my beads in time. It is very exciting......I too can't believe that we are on the home stretch.
My baby was recently breech hence the uncomfortable bladder punches. Then the extreme octopus action started really busy & very active. More active than I have ever felt in any of my 6 other pregnancies. This lasted for about a week & 1/2 with several very action packed days every morning & night then a slower day then a very action packed day again etc. off & on until baby's movements finally stayed slower & gentler. At first I was really excited to be getting awesome...
I got connected Thanks
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