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Back To Basic toys has a 10 or 20% discount and then $5 shipping!
http://www.hearthsong.com/welcome.asp Hearth song as free shipping and is offering a $10 gift card for orders $65 or more.
Sigh--- I almost fell over toinght when my 5 year old started singing this song. http://pbskids.org/sid/videoplayer.html You might have to scroll down to "The Shot Song".
Thanks for the tips everyone -- the $85 includes shipping so the price you found papayamama is without shipping. But thanks for looking ! I am really kind of set on this version -- I think it is far more stable than the older models. If anyone notices any good online sales please post! Rachel
Thanks for the tip! SOrry about the link -- it is the guidecraft wooden floor pupet theater from BJ's wholesale club http://shop.bjs.com/productName_stcV...2746&sc_cid=DF Does this one work?
Hey everyone, I want this floor puppet theater for my kids for Xmas. I found it here for $85 including shipping. http://shop.bjs.com/viewcart.htm Can anyone top this price? Every dollar counts around here and I am grateful for any leads! Thank you!!! Rachel
Anyone have any good sales? I still need a few more Xmas gifts... Rachel
There are protocols for herbal abortions. http://www.sisterzeus.com/Abortif.htm This is a WONDERFUL site with lots of good info as well as personal experiences. Hugs to you and good luck. DH just had a vasectomy as we are done having children. I would be in a similar situation if the vasectomy failed and I got pregnant. If you are sure about your dates, I would be really careful about going the herbal route. Most herbalist only recommend using this method when...
You can also leave a glass of wine out overnight. They will fly in it and then die. Good luck!
Oh boy, have we been there done that! Nasal sprays are NO FUN! I am sorry! For DS (almost 2), it helps to have him use the Kleenex to wipe and to make silly noises while spraying. But for DD (5 now) nothing seems to help. It is hard! No advice except to ask the naturopath about the role of magnesium, fatty acids and probiotics in treating allergies. They are all super important. Hang in there -- and if dust is on her allergy list, email me and I will send you my...
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