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I know this thread is over a week old but I just have to comment.  I have no idea how old your dh is but his age can be a factor as well.  I am 38 but my now XH was 67 when he and I were last trying and I had a mc.  After doing a lot of research, we found that his age may have had a great deal to do with not conceiving and then having a mc.  Sperm in men over age 40 start showing signs of aging - more non-motile sperm and more sperm that show abnormalities.  After doing...
I am going to begin ttc in November with AI.  My understanding, from tons of online reading, is that frozen sperm only live about 12 hours.  Just what I have read, I don't have sites.  If so, then you have to predict your O almost exactly.  It is possible to get pg with only one but if I were you and had the resources, I would choose to do 2 IUI to up the chances of conception. 
The bottom one looks positive but I think the others are negative.  Can't tweak them though.  Which one got tossed in the bathtub?
Been thinking about you.  Glad things are going well and will pray you have your baby soon with a short, sweet, easy birth.  Keep us updated. :-)  
I pop in to see what is going on now and then as well.  I am not pg right now (just had a chemical) but hope to UC in the future.  I love reading all the stories and experiences.  I understand the need to just not tell anyone you are even in labor until it is "too late" and the baby is born.  Unless there is some real reason for me to not UC, that will be my plan. :)  
I was wondering about yoga pants.  If I had some low rise ones, wouldn't they work for a while anyway?  Or maybe some belly dance palazzo type pants?  All my pants are too tight and as I am trying to hide it for a while, I really am going to need something soon!  
I am thinking:   Logan-James Wayne and Evangeline Joy   No way can I go without naming baby during pg.  As soon as I know gender, I need a name.  With DD we did not find out gender and had 2 names waiting but with my age and history, ultrasounds are something I want. Having them and avoiding finding out the gender later on is very difficult!
Oh my, I am not the only one, lol.  I can't remember anything. My kids have even started to laugh about it - and they don't know I am pg yet!  
EDD (feel free to use beginning/middle/end of month, if you prefer)  Middle of April, I think Your Name: (if you would like to share) Age: 38 State or Country: Southern USA How long it took to you to get your BFP: Surprise PG! What number child is this for you: 6th pregnancy, hoping for 4th baby Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies):  I have a dd age 18 and in college.  My dss are almost 13 and 9. Baby's Gender (hopes or...
I am sooooo HOT!  I never sweat but now I do at 80*.  My SO can't sleep touching me because I am, in his words, "a furnace." Never, in all my 5 other pgs, have I been so hot.  
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