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"I'd rather be naked"!  (Perfect for the daughter of a burlesque performer.)
From context, I've figured out what DTD refers to, but what on earth do those letters stand for?   Regardless, I'm ALL ABOUT it, haven't since February, COMEONLET'SGO! But alas, it's impossible to find time and privacy and husbandary motivation.  Sigh.
Here's Sadie's 4-month pic!  
  Kiddo is smiling all the time these days!
PBM, I saw this yesterday too!  A friend tagged me in a comment on it on FB.  I have such wise mama friends.
Have any mamas out there taken their babies camping?  We're planning on taking Sadie on a (very non-rustic) camping trip for three days over Labor Day weekend and I want to make sure we're prepared.  It seems like everyone has a different opinion on babies and bug spray - what are your thoughts?  Any other advice re: camping with an almost-4-month-old?
Oh my god, solids.  I can't believe that's even a thing yet!  Sadie's pediatrician seems pretty relaxed and unlikely to push much of anything (she was quite flexible with delaying/spacing out her vax), so hopefully that won't be an issue for a while longer.     And thank you all for the good vibes and virtual hugs over the BFing.  I'm feeling a bit better about it all lately, so that's good.   ...unrelated: is anyone else losing huge CLUMPS of hair?  I knew that...
Arwen looks so chill in all her photos!  She's all "it's cool, guys.  I got this."
Pastormama - thanks for sharing that!  It really makes a difference to know I'm not alone.  My midwife suggested domperidone, actually, since it has been known to be helpful for women who've had reductions too.  I finally just ordered some from a Canadian website, so we'll see how that goes.     Sadie is really drooly too!  And all about chewing on her hands.  I was convinced she was getting a tooth like, a month ago, which I know is ridiculous.     Re: vitamins,...
I know I'm way late but I have to add Sadie's one-month photo from June!  Sorry for the photo dump, y'all.  I'm in love.  
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