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22.5 weeks:    
Thank you to everyone who has shared their tattoos stories so far!  Tattoos are often very personal so I know it's not always comfortable to talk about them.  It's made me smile that so many of us have tattoos in the same location!  How amazing is that?!?     As far as my cat goes, I got that over a decade ago when I was 18.  A boy I was dating offered to pay for it so me, being the spontaneous, reckless teenager I was, said sure, why not   I didn't know what I...
   I know what it's like to stick your foot in your mouth when it comes to making babies.  When I was younger I said that I would only adopt because bringing more children in the world is "selfish"   Well, I think biology took over because it makes much more sense to me now to make babies   I realized that it would feel much more natural to connect to biological children as opposed to adopted so this is the path I took instead. 
Getting up to go pee in the middle of the night: definitely baby's fault Greasy pepperoni pizza face: this baby is making me feel like a teenager again my last baby gave me perfect, glowing skin so I guess this balances it out.
I bet you're really feeling pregnant now huh Ellie? Your belly is beautiful!! I also have a tattoo on the same spot, in case you guys haven't noticed: a black kitty Your little guy is super cute, writer mama!! Your belly button is adorable, mpssweetie!! Looking great everyone
  Theft  Of course they would think of it like that, how else would a huge corporation view having to share resources?  That makes me sick, but I'm also not terribly surprised.  I also loathe dealing with insurance companies.  I've found a really good link, though, for helping you get the most out of your insurance with home births: http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/preApproval.html
My DP has sleep apnea, he wears an oxygen mask at night prescribed by his doctor.  I don't know how severe your apnea is, but if waking up and not being able to breathe is becoming a common occurrence, it's really important you tell your doctor about it.  Sleep apnea is very dangerous, especially while pregnant.  The only other advice I have to give other than that is sleep on your side as much as possible, this helps keep airways open.  
AMAZING!!!  Thank you for sharing your incredible journey, your strength and courage is almost palpable while reading your story.  I know how difficult it is to stick to one's wisdom, its very easy to get thrown off course.  You did what you know you and your babies needed, though, which is a tremendous feat.  Congratulations on your big, healthy girls!! 
chocolatechip: I hear ya about needing extra recovery time if you overdo it and how easy it is to overdo it!  I have to be mindful of that, too, because if I try to do as much as I would in my non-pregnant state, I end up suffering.  What part of CA are you visiting?   veganyogamomma: I hope everything goes well with the custody issue and your step daughter gets to stay with you guys more often.  Maybe by then you guys will have your own place so she doesn't get...
  Oh my gosh, Melany, this story is beyond hysterical!!  I had a mental image of a mama ostrich clucking uncontrollably, hopping around like mad with a baby ostrich sitting under her the entire time!  So unbelievably cute and I can also see why this could happen.  Thank you for sharing!
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