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It would be great if a couple more mamas could share their experience in this quick survey. Thanks!  
9 more participants overnight (well for Germans, it's 7:30 am here). Thanks a bunch!  
60! Great!  
Up to 58! Good work, mamas! Thank you.  
At one, both my children still needed breastfeeding very much and it would definitely seemed wrong to stop (they were basically just really starting to get into solids). At two, we just kept going, same at three. My older one breastfed till 4/4.5 with a slow weaning process. My younger one still enjoys it.
Up to 55 now. Thanks a bunch!
Hooray - 50!   Let's make it 100!   Thank you all!
44! Hooray!   Please keep it up!  
Somehow throwing books away seems wrong to me, but there are some that I would love to keep away from potential readers. My solution so far, was to keep them for research purposes.   Not sure yet, what I'll do, when I don't need them anymore. Maybe I'll write warnings next to passages I find particularly troublesome and let them circulate like that.
Yay! 40! Waiting for more.  
New Posts  All Forums: