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Ladies, I just moved to upland and need some mom friends. I have a six month old.
thank you, that was very helpful! 
Hello ladies, FTM here at 36 weeks pregnant. Concerned about breastfeeding with larger breasts-- I'm a H cup now, who knows what it'll be later.  Do any large breasted mamas have any advice or tips on positioning/nursing aides? And on where to find nursing bras! I can barely find nursing bras other than online elomi with underwire (which are pretty expensive),,.  The kind of bras the squish your boobs together are very unhygienic for larger breasts-- at least for...
hello ladies FTM here, and was wondering if you all could suggest sleep routines that eventually allowed for your babies to have good sleep habits.    my baby is due in january, but i'm not sure when and how to start these routines.    thanks.
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