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I haven't been on in forever but have some website rec's marksdailyapple.com, elanaspantry.com(awesome baked goods with almond and coconut flour), everydaypaleo.com
I think it is good to follow the cycles of food availability.  Who knows perhaps that is a partial key to food intolerances is that there are no natural breaks or reductions in our consumption.  
We have been completely off dairy butter and all for 2.5 yrs now and off except butter for a few years before.  I had hoped that ds' intolerance was due to damage from gluten and Celiac's.  We have had a few trials before that I was unsure about so I stopped.  However, since then I have figured out that some symptoms were due to something else.  Ds started having accidents, which persisted and I finally nailed down to cc- mostly from pb at the in-laws.  Dd1 resumed...
Mine was up this month due to buying bulk of beef this month.  Since I had extra expense there I kept the other spending as tight as I could. Total-$800 Breakdown- 1/3 Beef- $550 Azure-$90 Some produce and bulk Produce-Nuts- Dried Good Goods $160  
The beef we just got local raised although not 100% grassfed was $2lb Pork was $1.50 lb, locally raised as well.  Chicken is about $3 lb, whole- local and grassfed.  Those are this years prices.
$0 Easter is a religious holiday for us not a gift giving occasion.  Besides the fact that grandparents always feel the need to buy presents as it is.
I am considered thin by most people a 2/4. I have been thin most of my life, save for a few years on depo. Actually, I was too thin when younger but I think that was due to undiagnosed food issues(celiacs). I had to work to lose the weight from the depo - changed my food- worked out all the time and took a year to lose 30 lbs. I gained 55, 35 and 35 with each kid and the weight didn't fall off with any of them. I went back to working out as soon as possible. Watched...
I usually visit WTM boards as well, although I don't post a ton.  I found the new format a pain as well and for about a month it was a huge ordeal to post anything, post constantly messing up etc, which kind of broke me of even trying to post here.   We are in a bit of a groove as well and don't feel the need as much.  Plus, if I am looking for cur. recs WTM has a lot more info, ideas, and perspectives.  I like the view over there as well, I like the mix of relaxing...
I will keep that in mind about the Lindt- 72- I usually use the 85 though.    fwiw all the Ghirardhelli here has soy in it.
Lindt 70-90% Dark Chocolate- 85% is my fav- it is the lowest in sugar/carbs. It is tasty and fairly easy to find , even a lot of the fancier brands have soy lecithin in them.
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