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RS A would be good very, very little writing, tons of mental math and manipulatives.
We have enjoyed the I See Sam as well and made great progress.  I think some kids might just learn on their own to read but I think for many that would be very difficult and I am glad to have found some tools to help him learn.  The English language is confusing enough as it is.
My older 2 (6.5) and almost 4 do not eat Paleo- they get oats 1-2 a week and the same w/ rice, corn tortilla chips or popcorn on occasion.  The baby I try to keep grainfree- she did get a bit of rice off the floor the other day though.  She seems to be growing fine, we are gluten, dairy, soy free and as I said she eats what I eat so grainfree.  We do eat potatoes, eggs, I smother everything in fat, coconut oil, tallow, lard, whatever!  She loves coco milk smoothies and...
I think tonight I am going to do some asian stirfry w/ ground beef and cabbage, carrots, and peas- w/ some sesame seeds-lots of garlic, ginger, some red pepper and my coconut aminos.
Yum- my soup usually very fatty as well!  It gets that hard level that encases the top in the frig!  Oh, I thought of another fat adder for you- w/ your pb mix in some EV coco oil, yummy and extra calories easily!
When you are talking about getting dizzy and not enough energy, that seems like a blood sugar issue to me, glad to hear it isn't persistent.  I just think perhaps the weight is stalled because of the lack of calories and fat is an easy thing to add in- I know you had said getting more meat wasn't likely.   Just from reading what you are eating it doesn't sound like enough to *me*, I wouldn't have energy on that diet either, regardless of the make-up of...
I don't know that you are going to have the energy without some more fat or meat.  Instead of all the carbs why not up the fat?  I would say you aren't getting enough calories and w/ a good percentage of those calories coming from carbs I would say it isn't surprising that your blood sugar is wonky.
MLW- I would like to see your schedule, I just did another 6 wk one here.  Just bought a new music program that I think the kids will love, it is based on the liturgical year- has alll kinds of songs from african to gregorian chant- silly finger plays to hymns.  Lesson plans and everything w/ a different cd and song book for each part of the year- 5 in all.  Bought some more instruments as well.    I also bought our next 3 levels of I See Sam books, we did 5 books...
  I cook from scratch as well, it is a necessity w/ cooking gluten/dairy/soy and mostly grain free.  I multi-task a lot, put on the eggs for breakfast and run and start a load of clothes, or unload the dishes while something is cooking.  I use the crockpot for supper and that is a time that the kids can be involved as well, it doesn't have to be kid time or task time.  Lunch is often quick things- maybe leftovers or some soup or tuna/egg salad.  
I try to get my tasks done by 9am(homeschool time) aside from supper.  Then I drop things and we do our school and have time together.  I think it helps me to focus intensely on what I need to do then I can then have time w/ the kids and it actually frees me up because then I don't feel divided trying to do things and pay attention to them at the same time.
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