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We are doing Faith and Life 1.  Once Upon a Time with Saints, The Children's Bible by Fr. Lovasik, just bought the Baltimore Catechism but not using it yet. I was looking at the MagnifiKids but I think I will wait until he is a bit older for that.
www.marksdailyapple.com   Is a good site, it is some somewhat of a modified paleo, some dairy, lots of good fat.   Garden of Eating by Maetsz'   Is a TF book that is grain/dairy/soy free and really good.  Don Maetsz has his own blog as well that is always interesting reading.  I don't know that I follow a specific program here although I have loosely followed those at times.  My goal is no grains only unrefined sugars(and limited amts), lots of good fat, lots...
I don't think anyone here follows Cordain's Paleo diet because it is so low fat and emphasizes bad fats although(iirc he has changed his stance since writing his book, at least to some degree. 
Hi- Shazer- welcome!  I am just starting to do some dairy here so it is interesting reading your experience I don't think it is affecting this babe but reactions can always build.  This intolerance business is so frustrating.   Still trying to break the holiday sugar habit.  Did pretty good yesterday, had some honey in a homemade beet flourless cake but otherwise was good, not enough protein.  Ended up doing hamburger patties, roasted spiced chickpeas(soaked), and...
Oh, I wish they did that here!  Good luck with decluttering!
I did my living room windows yesterday, those had been put off for awhile.  Windows seem to get dirty so fast with little kids, they look so nice now though!  I like polishing faucets though, especially with hard water they are always getting water spots.  Already did tubs this morning, hopefully this will keep me on track with that, dh's shower is the job that gets neglected more than anything else. 
I think they just worked on letter recognition and such, not really sure.  But they just gave them the dolche list to take home over Christmas and hadn't done any work on reading as of starting back.
re: kids: The older 2 do get some gluten free grains.  Like a few mornings a week they will have gluten free oats and corn tortilla chips from time to time.  I am not tempted by the oats ever something like that in the morning would crash me into a sugar coma.  The baby doesn't get any grains directly, although she is always looking for crumbs.  She did get ahold of some gf oats one time that little sis left down and it seemed to really bother her tummy- of course she...
Hi all, haven't posted as of late.  I ate way more sugar than usual over the holidays and even had grains some days as well.  I feel so out of whack.  I want to do grains because of the pocket book but man my body doesn't like it.  I have had insomnia off and on since my diet hasn't been spot on.  No corn tortilla chip is worth not sleeping, I have too much to do!  So, this is a new week and I am trying to cut back sugar again.  I have a little problem in that I seem to...
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