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I have tried very hard to do any emotional release that I can. I am fairly certainly it has stopped at times due to the fact that the timing was not right for one reason or another- my mw said that perhaps that is my special skill being able to stop labor. However, my mw is currently available and I have dh home from work. I cannot think of anything else mentally that I need or anything else that I can work on- I have been having lots of talk w/ baby and w/ God and then...
thanks for the encouragement ladies! I lost a bit of plug today, so I am taking that as a positive sign. Dh had already scheduled vacation time for this week as I thought it would be yesterday and I told him regardless I want him home tomorrow, I need him around.
hey ladies! yes, MDC is a whole 'nother ballgame from other forums! OH, and I am very excited about the menu list as well, that will probably come in handy here very shortly. Oh, and I accidently ate grains today- dh added some BRM MT as filler to the apple pancakes and didn't tell me. No real contractions going on now, but I am hopeful.
Thanks ladies, so very, very much! All of it helps. It really does. As to the baby's position it was anterior last it was checked- I am not the best at checking myself, I am not having back pain or anything. If the baby doesn't come in the next day or two I will be seeing the mw again to recheck all of that. I thought a lot about my fears and realized that they are all stemming solely from the fact that I haven't went into labor yet, which bugs me so much that I can...
I had posted in Birth & Beyond looking for some positive stories as I am about to go bat-poop crazy here. This is my 3rd but the first time I have anything like this. I feel all defective. Physically I am fine, but mentally it is exhausting and now I have all these negative thoughts in my head that there is something wrong w/ me and that is why I cannot go into labor.
Many congrats!
I know I haven't had as bad as some of you, but it is wearing me down emotionally. And for me it seems that my stress is highly tuned into when I can go into labor. I thought yesterday was really the day, but for various reasons it didn't happen. I am starting to feel very defective and every negative thing I can think of keeps floating through my head. I am currently 41 weeks, but as my other 2 came 12 and 6 days early this being late is entirely new for me. ...
Many congrats to you! So happy to hear you in such good spirits! I hope you both heal fast and are home soon!!!
Did you ladies see that thread on MDA about pregnancy? I tried to restrain myself but I am about to go postal on that dude. No, I should not be conversing w/ anyone at this point- UGH what a *&$%.
well, prayers worked and the baby held off- mw ended up busy all night. I am ready to meet this one- contractions at it again- lets see what happens today. I am ready, baby is ready and by golly I think everyone else is as well.
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