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6 wks along
there is a place in a near by large town that does free sonograms.i might go there.im gunna call today.Ill let you all know as soon as i do!  
im due april 17!  
ya,im wondering the same thing!maybe we'll have to ask a bee farmer!  
I just have this hunch that i have twins.This is my 5th pregnancy,i have 2 boys,then i miscarried twice,now im pregnant again.every time i have tested for pregnancy it as always been no line until 2-4 days after my missed period, even then my husband says it isn't a line and i insist it is!But this time i measured the day of my missed period and it came up a dark line immediately.(i used the seconed test from the box of testers i used last pregnancy,so they should be same...
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