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My babies are mixed and they are beautiful... They are asked if they are models almost everyday. I'm proud to brag about my intelligent girls. They are black puertorican and white and they are gorgeous
Thank you
Hello everyone... My name is Karra. I'm 20 years old (I'll be 21 September 29th ). I am the proud mother of two amazingly intelligent and beautiful little girls (they are 3 and 1). I'm a single mom as most women my age are now a days and I live and breathe for my children. I've been through so much and I just want a positive place to vent, find out fun things to do with my kids, and learn how to be a better me. I'm on my journey to spiritual awakening and hopefully I can...
Nameste beautiful women... I'm a single young mother of two wonderful little girls and I'm new to yoga. I do not get much free time during my daily life to fully dive into yoga the way i want to. I saw this forum and it truly made me feel enlightened to know that one day I wil be in a better place. I'm headed to EvolveFest in Two days it's a beautifully peaceful yoga festival that surrounds you with positivity. I have faith that this experience with my girls by my side...
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