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I think it is more important that kids be able to read multiple fonts than write in cursive. My DH read very early as well. His father was the principal of the school and they still had challanges challanging him.
Have you seen most docs handwriting? There is reason for that and it's not lazy:)
Her coloring and abilities do on t indicate theat this is a fine motor issue :) But you are right that would come into play.
Ahh.. yes and all this true for the whole/big picture right brain language learner, like myself, I still use inventive spelling and puctuation all the time;) But I must go with what I have and she is a builder/phonics left brainer who's reading(ability to decode) is fast out pacing her writing(ability to create). Great link here to represent http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/weird/the-right-brain-vs-left-brain/story-e6frev20-1111114577583 I can't keep wiriting out of...
My little one is five and excels at reading. Writing.......not so much. She will do almost anything to delay the process and although the sounds are easy for her,  she really struggles with putting pencil to paper(or chisel to stone as I call it... but I digress) Because she attends public school she must master this skill but tonight I tried a neat trick. Her assignment was to complete some started sentences about herself. Just fill in the blanks and the drama began......
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