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Its not going to help. Unless completely decontaminate everything and I do mean everything and then the cats never are touched...what a life for you and the cats. Washing cats weekly is not good for the cats either. What quality of life is that? 
Um I just saw some research recently that shows parents have a perception that super chubby babies/kids are "healthy" and on target or skinny ones are not..Its not true.  If your child is healthy and active, just keep doing what you are doing. 
Agreed with all the above. Its her right to not invite them. You have to decide if you want to hire a baby sitter to attend or not. I don't like the leave them in the room for someone else I don't know watching them game. That usuallyends badly.
You know what you have to do. Their dander and hair is all over the house. Confining the cats will not help. Perhaps you can rehome them to someone that your other daughter can visit.
Cuss jar.  Have one labeled and decorated in your house. When FIL or MIL comes over, tell them to fork over a nickel or quarter each time.  When asked, say you all are saving up for (insert great place to take dc).  Even if they don't actually put the coin in, it makes the point. Many people don't actually realize how bad it sounds or how often they do it and how often they do it around kids.
You as a parent are responsible for what is provided in the way of religious education to your children.  You can't stop your mom from buying it, but you control when she gets it.  I would have a very frank discussion with mom that your daughter will not be getting that present anytime soon. alternatively you can suggest she "keep it at her house".  You have a right to say, no I don't want that but thanks anyway.   my two cents, your mileage may vary Rani
I may be hard hearted but I would address this with him. I would say pretty much exactly what you say here to us.  That you are hurt and don't understand. Could it be he is having money troubles?  And is too embarrassed to say?  Or, I hate to say it, the glory of being a preggos bff has worn off?   Im so sorry this happened to you. It sucks.  If it were me, I would tell him to not worry about shower or xmas gifts if its that much trouble.    Rani
Could your let down be stronger on that side?  That could be causing her to be overwhelmed by it?  Maybe pump from that side and give in a bottle till it evens out?
Im sorry but any child over 4 or 5 that does not have special needs should not be pushed around in a stroller.  10 years old? no way.  I see way too many older kids in strollers and can't help but think about how that sets the trend to not get simple exercise as they grow older.
Its a variation on the Nigeria scams. If he responds they will ask for $. You can turn it over to Postal Service as it is illegal. That is probably your best bet. The other item may be his name is identical to someone on one of those sites.  But they trolled for his email and found him instead of the other guy.  In either case, take the letters to the PO. AND in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM respond or go to the dating site to get removed. It will make him more of a target. 
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